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Never Again Escobar

The story of Pablo Escobar, “the patron of evil”, has two faces. One of fiction, played, among other actors, by the charismatic Andrés Parra, the Brazilian Wagner Moura with his exotic accent, or the cinematographic version of the Spanish Javier Bardem. In this story there are also unusual restaurants with his name, t-shirts with his face and books of all genres.

The other one, the real one, is painful and bloody. It happened here, in the streets of Colombia, and it wasn´t glamourous at all. On the contrary, it was suffered by 34 million people, the population of the country back then, that stumbled with fear around the corner.

How did those over 25 years old survived such dramatic situations? How to explain to those under 25 years old what happened? It’s hard to find answers. We can tell the story for a stroke of luck and for the courage of a society that never gave up and moved forward.