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Ecological Cleaners for Tourism while the People Lack Basic Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Products CubaNet

MADRID, Spain. – The joint venture Suchel Proquimia, which specializes in cleaning and disinfectant products, is developing an ecological line of products for sanitizing tourism facilities.

These articles will be placed in guest rooms, laundry rooms, pools and kitchens, according to a statement given to Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN, by its Spanish acronym) by Matanzas branch representative Fanny Pérez Sorí.

“These products are more economical that other product lines, and that includes their packaging,” stated the administrator. She added that their being less costly “did not affect the safety of items that make up the EcoConpack range of products.”

“Every article has been tested and certified under current International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations,” she emphasized.

Pérez Sorí also stated that the line’s concentrated laundry detergent is already being used at the Matanzas company for tourism services Servisa. Also, bathroom scale removers, anti-hard water gel and rinse-aid detergent have been tried already at the Iberostar Selection Varadero Hotel.

Suchel Proquimia guarantees the sustained production of hand sanitizing gels and will continue supplying detergents and degreasers with antibacterial properties for cleaning hotel kitchens and bathrooms as well as other tourism facilities, she added.

Crisis of cleaning and personal hygiene products in Cuba

During the last year, the Cuban has been informing about delays in the production of cleaning and personal hygiene products sold to the people through the ration card, aka the assigned family basket.

Cubans must acquire these products on the black market, where a bar of soap can cost up to 50 Cuban pesos, and toothpaste up to 300 pesos. There is no supply of these products available in national currency stores. However, in hard-currency stores, which are better supplied, Cubans with foreign hard currency must stand on long lines to shop.

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