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Tourists Should Record Cuba’s Reality and Show It to the World CubaNet

MADRID, Spain, – Cuban activist Saily González proposed the idea that tourists in the island should record the difficult economic and social situation that Cubans endure, as a way to showcase Cuba’s reality and deny the false image that the regime promotes.

“Can you imagine if recording our reality and showing the world the poverty and degradation socialism has driven us to, were to become a regular practice among tourists who visit Cuba?”, wrote González on Facebook on Tuesday, April 26th.

Although she did not mention her motivations, the reactions to her post make direct reference to the video shared the night before by the Spanish influencer Rosa Martorell, where the unsanitary process of milk distribution in Cuba was revealed.

The Santa Clara activist’s idea was seconded by several users.

“I hope everyone will do it, to put an end to the promotion of false realities,” said Pedro Pablo Perdomo Pérez.

Ernesto Melissa Alfonso indicated that it would be a way “for the word to realize that Cuba is not Varadero, that there is a dictatorship in Cuba and that socialism has failed.”

Tatiana Finales stated: “Any tourist with some self-respect should do it,” since they are promoting Cuba as “a paradise for them, when in truth it’s hell for us.”

However, other users, like Julio Romero Muñoz, were less optimistic.

“The dictatorship will not change, anyway. Cuba’s reality has been known internationally for many years through public opinion. Those abroad also will do nothing. Those actions are no longer effective and the world has lost interest in Cuba. Look at how Putin is destroying the people of Ukraine, and nothing happens. The only positive aspect would be if those recordings were aimed at weakening the interest of foreign tourists to visit Cuba. Other than that, nothing will happen, not with the United Nations, nor with any country. What Cuba needs is a stronger civic reaction from the people,” stated Romero Muñoz.

The video recorded by Rosa Martorell during her recent vacation to Trinidad, showed the moment when milk that Cubans purchase through their ration card was transferred from the cistern truck to plastic containers by means of a filthy hose.

“This is the reality of a communist country like Cuba, repression, water shortages, milk shortages, all of which reach neighborhoods at one in the morning, in a state of filth,” stated Martorell.

Also, Colombian influencer Yina Calderón documented in April her stay in Havana, and expressed on Instagram: “A real sad situation. People here just live. There are no dreams here, no goals.”

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