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Cisco Did It… Again!

Get through Cisco 300-415 Exam with Practice Tests & Start Providing SD-WAN Solutions in Massive-Scale Networks

A large multinational company that supplies virtual instrumentation software & automated test equipment is National Instruments (NI). With 88 global branches, each with their own unique IT needs, NI’s bandwidth requirements were escalating uncontrollably at a rate of 10-25% a year. This is something their IT budget simply couldn’t keep up with and this adversely affected their sales, manufacturing, and their R&D. NI now needed to act fast, attempting to boost their worldwide network’s capacity and to do it at minimum costs. Cisco stepped in with their Cisco DNA (an architecture for business networks) & Cisco SD-WAN (a scalable cloud architecture that automatically optimizes traffic through the WAN). Combined, these helped link all of NI’s branches & WANs; revamping their network speed & efficiency while making it more responsive to their firm’s needs. Now NI had 30 times the bandwidth they did before, at one-third of their previous Cisco CCNA Practice Test.

YOU Can Also Do This: with Exam 300-415

You too can learn how this was done & offer such services yourself after getting the required credentials. What you need to do is to take & triumph at the Cisco ‘Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (300-415 by code) assessment which is at the Professional Level and is on the Enterprise pathway. This is a concentration assessment meaning it focuses on up-and-coming technologies in various industries. This is taken only after you make it through the Cisco mandatory core exam along this route, the ‘Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies that has code certbolt 350-401 and tests your knowledge of the IT infrastructure businesses use. The additional plus point in overcoming this core exam is that it also qualifies you for Expert Level cert paths like the CCIE Enterprise Wireless & CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. Turning back to the point, the syllabus for this 90-minute 300-415 assessment covers material that can help you resolve scenarios like that faced by National Instruments. It teaches you the components involved in, and the architecture behind, Cisco SD-WAN such as vBond&vManage; and also looks into the vEdge technologies involved. Another important area it explores is controller deployment on cloud and on-premise; while router deployment teaches you how to verify SD-WAN data planes. Lastly, you have to be able to verify application-aware routing on SD-WANs and perform tasks like scheduling & queuing on WAN edge routers.

Mix & Match

When it comes to concentration tests, you have a range of options to choose from. Instead of 300-415 you could have taken any but only ONE from the following: 300-410, 300-420, 300-425, 300-430, or 300-435. Each of these will focus on some other important aspect which is dependent on emerging IT solutions.

Helpful Study Buddy

Now that you know what the test is all about, you need to get ready for it. Something to get you started is the Cisco official training course for 300-415: Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (SDWAN300). This course is available in two options: the instructor-led training which is going to last for 4 days and virtual instructor-led with the duration of 5 days. The course thoroughly discusses all the aforementioned topics like putting to use application-aware policies, establishing routing protocols for each location the company operates in, and deployment of edge services. On top of that, it shows you how to migrate from traditional WAN to SD-WAN and looks at how to set up Direct Internet Access (DIA) breakout. The series comes packed with its very own practical hands-on labs. However, you need to purchase all this at the VERY STEEP price of $750.

Little Nudge You Need

Apart from this, a FREE resource that can really skyrocket your preparation process is a website named the What this online platform does is providing you with FREE mock tests for Cisco 300-415. These are updated frequently to reflect any changes Cisco makes, meaning these practice tests stay reliable. What’s more, these mock tests were uploaded by the recent examinees who did the test and share it with you. Just check out their website and get immediate access to these practice tests. Still, the even offers you the chance to get a hold of 60 real questions from past sessions of 300-415 along with answers checked and verified by IT experts. To obtain this you’d have to buy the 300-415 Premium ETE File from their site at a discounted deal of $49.99. All of their practice tests are in .ete format and require the ETE Exam Simulator to run them. What this software will do is simulating the exact testing atmosphere of 300-415, and so you can see for yourself how well you’d perform if this really was the exam day. But hey, no worries, the sooner you start, the better you get, so go check them out.

Go Earn That Cert

It’s safe to say that the Cisco CCNP badges are what’s most popular with learners. And why shouldn’t they be, given that organizations of every scale use the internet and so need professionals competent at handling related tasks & problems? The redesigned pathway leading up to the CCNP Enterprise credential is likely to sustain that trend because this recent update means that the exams involved aren’t going to be retired any time soon. The moment is NOW. Utilize those latest & accurate practice tests from the to make passing the Cisco 300-415 assessment effortless and fast.